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Strategic Staffing Solutions

What is an employee leasing company?

Strategic Staffing Solutions provides human resource administration and employee benefits by outsourcing services through the use of a co-employment arrangement. The arrangement involves a contractual sharing of employer responsibilities and liabilities between Strategic Staffing Solutions and your company. This arrangement allows Strategic Staffing Solutions to become responsible for wages, insurances, unemployment, retirement, payroll, taxes, administration, and extended benefits.


How can you save time and money?

Most small to medium sized businesses cannot secure the discounts that larger companies can obtain. By “pooling” benefits, Strategic Staffing Solutions is able to secure those discounts on various employee expenses such as:

  • Health, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Software & Staffing
  • In addition, you are able to receive certain tax advantages from this arrangement

Finally, because Strategic Staffing Solutions handles most employee related issues and paperwork, many clients are able to reduce or eliminate their in-house human resource department, thereby reducing operating costs and focus more time and effort on their business.


Packaged Services

Human Resource Administration

Business is more than a vision and an idea. It also includes tough daily decisions and responsibilities that can cause the owners to lose sight of important administrative issues that are necessary in running the business. These responsibilities include; staffing, technology, training, compliance with FLSA, FMLA, EEOC, I-9 regulations and more.

Strategic Staffing Solutions is a one-stop-shop to keep you out of trouble with ever-changing laws and regulations.

Our human resource package includes:

• Human Resource Administration
• Local Servicing Needs
• Daily Consulting
• Complete Policy Manual


Employee Benefits

Finding and keeping qualified employees is an issue that many small to medium sized businesses face everyday. Bigger companies can provide better benefits (such as health insurance), which can lure employees away. To recruit and retain the best employees, small to medium sized businesses must provide affordable health insurance, supplemental insurances, and competitive retirement packages.

Strategic Staffing Solutions can help you bring an employee package to the table that rivals those companies you have been unable to compete with in the past.

Our benefits portfolio includes:

• Health Insurance / COBRA
• Dental / Vision Options
• Life Insurance
• Supplemental Insurance
• FSA / HSA Plans
• Health Reimbursement Arrangements
• Administration and Support
• Employee Support and Call Center


Payroll Administration

At Strategic Staffing Solutions, we take the burden of payroll, taxation, administration and compliance from you with our complete payroll package. We provide state-of the art processing with a personal touch. Strategic has a staff of professionals who are dedicated to your company and are there to ensure that your employees are paid correctly and on time, every time.

Our payroll services include:

• Preparation & Distribution
• Direct Deposit
• Tax Compliance
• All inclusive reports at no charge


Workers' Compensation/Unemployment Insurance

Workers compensation insurance is critical and necessary for any business. Inadequate workers compensation coverage can harm your business, especially for small to medium sized companies. can keep this risk away from your company. By using Strategic Staffing Solutions as your staffing answer it will provide you with a cost-effective way of securing workers’ compensation insurance for your employees.

Our program includes:

• Verification of Active Employment
• Issuance of WC Certificates
• Code Compliance
• Audit Protection
• Fraud Investigation
• Third Party Support and Maintenance