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Group Health/Life/Disability Insurance

When was the last time someone showed you new ways to lower the health care costs for you and your employees?

Does your current broker take the time to explain all the benefits to you and your employees at YOUR location?

Would your current broker insist upon quality service from your carrier and personally call to assure that happens?

Have you taken advantage of pre-tax options for you and your employee’s medical expenses or used the significant tax savings with a group life policy?

Do you feel confident that you have a plan that offers the most benefits for the premiums?


If you are currently facing rate hikes and want more affordable health/life/disability insurance plans then you need Century Financial Group.

Whatever your individual circumstances, CFG can help you find great coverage at a fair price.  Through CFG you can compare every health option in your area and take advantage of Health Reimbursement Arrangements and Health Savings Accounts, with more than 25 companies.  Our quoting process is fast, convenient, and altogether the easiest way to find affordable, reliable health care.


Make the Right Worker’s Compensation Decision

Are you aware of your rights and responsibilities in respect to worker’s compensation insurance?  Depending on your state’s worker’s compensation laws, your business might be eligible for reductions in it worker’s compensation insurance premiums, making it more competitive in the marketplace.


What are the Benefits of Worker’s Compensation?

Protect Your Employees:

  • Provide your employees no-fault liability insurance for work-related injury and illness, covering medical expenses, lost wages, vocation rehabilitation, and more.

Avoid Fines and Penalties:

  • Prevent your company from being the target of an investigation by your state’s department of labor or worker’s compensation agency.

Reduce Lost Productivity:

  • Worker’s compensation can work to your advantage.

  • Monitor temporarily disabled employee’s progress and make accommodations for their early return.  It’s your right.

Reduce Litigation and Waste:

  • Save time and money by providing your employees capped rewards for work-related injuries or illness.

Most state worker’s compensation laws are “competitive” meaning employers can purchase worker’s compensation insurance from private insurers, not just their state’s non-profit fund.