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Century Financial Group was founded in 1992 by a small town banker who noticed the significant problems facing the small business owners in his community.  

Administrative costs were high, good employees were few, and compliance with federal, state, and local governments was complicated and time consuming.  These noticeable problems grew into a clear vision to start a business dedicated to the success of the small business owner.  

This vision became a mission to provide a one stop service organization offering accounting, bookkeeping, insurance, consulting, and advice to individuals and small businesses at a cost they can afford.  

Today, Century Financial Group serves over 200 businesses and over 4,000 employees with quality, excellence, and integrity.


Strategic Staffing Solutions started in 2007 from requests from our current clients to offer a bundled product.  The pooling of employees to our staffing company has allowed employers to realize greater cost savings as being part of our large group health insurance, dental/vision insurance, life insurance, 401k, workers' compensation insurance, and unemployment taxes. 

What is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)?

  • In the relationship between a PEO, a worksite employee, and a client company, there exists a co-employment relationship in which both the PEO and client company have an employment relationship with the employee.  The PEO and client company contractually allocate and share traditional employer responsibilities and liabilities.  The PEO assumes responsibility for the "business of employment" including risk management, human resources, employment law compliance, payroll, and employee taxes.
  • PEOs enable clients to cost-effectively outsource the management of human resources, employee benefits, payroll and workers' compensation.
  • PEO clients simplify their growth and focus on their core competencies to maintain and grow their bottom line.
  • The PEO provides a complete human resource and employee benefit package to the worksite employee.
  • The client company directs and controls worksite employees in manufacturing, production, and delivery of its products and services.
  • Businesses use a PEO to gain access to many professional human resource services including employee handbooks, HR-related forms, policies and procedures, recruiting and hiring assistance, employee background checks, time and attendance systems, performance management, job descriptions, compensation assistance, legal/legislative compliance, and more.
  • For your employees, a full-service PEO delivers access to benefits often previously unavailable, on-time and accurate payroll, professional assistance with employment-related problems, professional human resources handbooks defining worksite policies and procedures, and employee discount programs.

What to Expect from a PEO

A PEO's economy of scale allows a business to attract and retain the highest quality employees by making available better benefits, improved risk management, and human resources at lower costs.  Job security is improved and employment costs are lowered.


  • Assumes responsibility for the "business of employment, including human resources, risk management, employment law compliance, payroll and employee taxes
  • Provides a complete HR package to the worksite employee
  • Enables clients to cost-effectively outsource the management of HR, employee benefits, payroll, and worker's compensation insurance

The Client

  • Can now focus on directing employees in the manufacturing, production, and delivery of products and services

Human Resources

  • Put the best practices and policies in place to mitigate risk for your organization

Employee Benefit Plans

  • Eliminate the chance that your staff might leave due to lack of excellent benefits

Payroll Processing

  • Get "peace of mind" knowing you are paying the correct amount to state and federal entities

Safety and Worker's Compensation Insurance

  • Eliminate the large down payments, claims management, and reporting for this time-consuming part of your business